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KMSpico v7 for Offline Office 2013 and Windows Activation

Download Setup File From Downloader (100% Working Link)

KMSpico v7.0 for Offline Office 2013 and Windows Activation | 11.70 MB
KMSpico v7.0 - is the ideal tool to activate the final version of Windows 7/8 and Office 2010/2013. Actuator does not require user intervention, the entire activation process takes place in the background, just run the activator and a couple of minutes to check the activation status of Windows and / or Office.

• Universal (Activates Windows Vista/7/8 Pro/Enterprise/N/VL and Office 2010/2013 Retail/VL.)
• Does not require user intervention (enough to run the activator).
• Simultaneous activation immediately and Windows, and Office.
With KMSpico can:
• Activate Windows 8 Enterprise
• Activate Windows 8 Professional
• Activate Microsoft Office 2013
• Activate Microsoft Office Visio 2013
• Activate Microsoft Office Project 2013
• Activate Microsoft Office 2010
• Activate Microsoft Office Visio 2010
• Activate Microsoft Office Project 2010
• Activate Windows 7 Enterprise
• Activate Windows 7 Professional
• Activate Windows Vista Enterprise
• Activate Windows Vista Professional
• Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Requirements: .NET 4.0 or Windows 8.
Activates Windows Vista/7/8 and Office 2010/2013.
Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012
1. Run KMSpico.exe or RunTrigger.cmd
2. Done..
Based off of Microsoft Toolkit – Official KMS Solution for Microsoft Products 2.4.1.
Change Log  in KMSpico v7.0 :
  • Redesigned and Recoded.
  • Removed funtions with slmgr.vbs and ospp.vbs.
  • Implemented 2 diferent kms emulators. If one fail the other maybe not.
  • Fixed bug in W7.
  • Add Support for W8.1
  • Convertion from Retail to VL changed (faster).
  • Now KMSELDI, AutoPico, Service_KMS do the same process for activation.
  • Add /silent command line to AutoPico.
  • Improved log files.
If you install a Office Retail Version after the installation of KMSpico, then run again the shortcut KMSpico to make the conversion, because the Service installed only activate VL.
How This Program Works:
1. Run KMSELDI.exe
1.1. Check Products Installed.
1.2. Convert Retail to VL if it is necessary.
1.3. If it found a non-permanent product it will converted. (hacktivators based in modified dll’s ARE NOT PERMANENT) (MAK or OEM keys are the only ones PERMANENT)
1.4. Create a random service kms emulator in memory.
1.5. Activate for 180 days all VL products installed against the emulator.
1.6. Close emulator and KMSELDI.
2. Install Service KMSELDI
2.1. Every windows start or every 24 hours the service reactivate for 180 days (reset the count) with a random kms emulator.
2.2. Close emulator.
3. KMSELDI + Service KMSELDI = “permanent”.
  • Disable Microsoft Security Updates.
  • Make exceptions to Directory %ProgramFiles%\KMSpico in Antivirus.
In case you want do everything manually, check the *.cmd scripts inside; they work without .NET Framework 4.0.

Name: KMSpico_v7.rar
Size: 2.83 MB
CRC32: 15B4199D
MD5: 7DD15B7CAF36BB64A13FCB3A930B59C3
SHA-1: 48946A75F7F20BED924752DB38C022AC888AD465
Single Link Download:
Download KMSpico v7 for Offline Office 2013 Here:

KMSpico v7 for Offline Office 2013 and Windows Activation


  1. Title:
    MSpico v7.0 for Offline Office 2013 and Windows Activation

    KMSpico v6

    What happend here?

  2. this is NOT a WEBSITE.. its a garbage full of download trap… no link even work and give us a file we want but only trap to download junk n rubish.. well.. this rubish website is sucks

  3. will this work for windows 7 ultimate

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