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Dr.Web v.9.00.1 + Full Life License [Android]

Download Setup File From Downloader (100% Working Link)

Dr.Web v.9.00.1 + Full Life License [Android]Dr.Web v.9.00.1 + Full Life License [Android]

Dr.Web v.9.00.1 + Full Life License, Dr.Web v.9.00.1 + Full Version With License Free Download  - Dr.Web – a comprehensive protection against all types of threats to mobile devices with “lifetime ” support.Features and Benefits:
- Quick or full scan of the file system , as well as check scanner individual files and folders by user request .
- Check file system in real-time monitor SpIDer Guard when trying to save files in the device memory .
- Detection of new, unknown malware using unique technology Origins Tracing ™.
- SD- card protection from infection and startup files Exploit.Cpllnk, constitute a danger for Windows-based devices.
- Move to quarantine detected threats with the ability to restore files from there.
- Minimal impact on the speed of the operating system.
- Careful use of resources of the battery.
- Less traffic due to the small size of the virus database updates , which is particularly important for users of mobile payment Limit .
- Detailed statistics on the work of anti-virus.
- Comfortable and informative desktop widgets to access the application .

Anti-spam :
- Shield them from unwanted calls and SMS messages.
- Mode selection filtering of calls and messages .
- The ability to create your own filtering profiles .
- Edit the blacklist ( numbers from which you want to block incoming calls and messages ) .
- View blocked calls and messages.
- Help to find the mobile device in case it is lost or stolen and , if necessary, remotely wipe it with confidential information .
- Lock the phone after a reboot.
- Phone lock password prompt release ( number of password attempts is limited).
- Unlocking via SMS .
- Receiving GPS- device coordinates as a link to Google Maps.
- The ability to remotely wipe the data on your phone and SD- card.
- Switching on the device loud beep and lock screen .
- The ability to enter your own text which will be displayed on the screen of the blocked device .
- The ability to create a list of people close to you who will receive notification of a new SIM card on a lost device. With these numbers can be controlled and antitheft including unlock your phone if you forget the password to unlock it.

URL- Filter Cloud Checker:
Cloud Cloud Checker filter will restrict access to undesirable Internet resources . Blocking access to the deprecated and potentially dangerous sites according to the following categories:
- Drugs
- Known sources of virus
- Obscene lexicon
- Terrorism
- Violence
- Weapons
- Adult Sites , etc.

 Installation :
1) Turn off the internet on the device.
2 ) Install the program .
3) After installation, go to the program. Click Specify a valid license
4) Click Upload file .
5) appears : “Error ! Valid key file not found . ” Click OK.
What is it for :
After these steps, you have a folder called files which now lies at Android / data / com.drweb /.
Full path : Android / data / com.drweb / files
6) Move the key with the name 2014 -12 -14.key the memory card on the way : Android / data / com.drweb / files, ie it is put in a folder files. It should now look like this:
7) Again, go to the program , click Specify a valid license .
8) Click Load from file Then click OK.
9) writes: Key obtained . Finish.

Download Links:

Dr.Web v.9.00.1 + Full Life License [Android]


Dr.Web v.9.00.1 + Full Life License [Android]

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